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The Genus Home Care system provides a simple solution for carers and family to stay connected with loved ones through easy video calls, photo sharing and advanced monitoring alerts, anytime, anywhere.

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The Genus Home Care System has an inbuilt frame allowing you to make video calls and share photos. It has a contact button to call for help immediately. Thanks to the unique 7-inbuilt intelligent sensors, you can monitor air quality, sound, touch, humidity, temperature, light and movement quality to keep an eye on your loved ones from a distance via the app.

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Genus Care bringing people together

Genus Care helps you stay connected and reduce loneliness with effortless photo sharing and video calls. Plus weekly reminders to reach out and strengthen bonds with loved ones in need.

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One push of a button for direct contact

Stay protected with one-click help by the contact call button that sends immediate notifications to caregivers and family members, allowing for quick-action and clear communication for your loved ones in need.

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Get effortless monitoring and immediate alerts with Genus Care

Stay informed of your loved ones' daily well-being with Genus Home Care System. The intelligent sensors quickly detect changes in light, movement, humidity, temperature, touch, and sound that will trigger immediate alerts if outside of the standard deviations.

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