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Only order a separate subscription if you already have a Genus photo frame. With the Genus subscription you can link the Genus photo frame to a smartphone without limitation and all data, including the sensor data, is processed securely.

Why a subscription?

What we offer is a high quality and service solution for the elderly and care recipients. We use a subscription to provide the following services.

  • Sending messages in a closed, secure environment: Privacy is guaranteed and no one receives (unsolicited) advertisements
  • Pair unlimited phones and take advantage of the free companion app.
  • Unlimited minutes of video calling worldwide
  • Send unlimited photos
  • In addition to actively connecting people, there is a 24/7 system in the air: Genus constantly monitors and in case of changes it alarms
  • A team of people keeps an eye on this system and acts in case of calamities: When there is something, you can call Genus Care
  • There is someone who helps to solve any problems
  • New features are added automatically

Technische specificaties

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Product informatie

  • App name IOS
    Download from Appstore
    Genus App
  • App name Android
    Download from Playstore
    Genus App

Minimale vereisten instellen en gebruik

  • IOS
    version 12 or higher
  • Android
    version 8 or higher

Abonnement kiezen

Voor het gebruik van de Genus Care Fotolijst is een abonnement nodig. Selecteer hieronder het type abonnement wat het beste bij jou past.

Selecteer het type abonnement

Monthly 9most flexible)

Maandelijks opzegbaar

€12,95 incl. BTW /maand

Annual (most popular)

Je betaalt EUR 143.40

€11,95 incl. BTW /maand



  • Unlimited video calls
  • Onlimited photo sharing
  • Connect as many phones as you want
  • Closed environment - 100% privacy
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