Telecare and reduction of workload

Work pressure reduction? Genus can be used effectively for computer care and reduces the workload for your employees. A care product that perfectly meets the care needs of your clients.

Telecare and monitoring


We offer your clients a user-friendly photo frame that allows them to keep in touch with family, caregivers and caregivers. As a healthcare provider, you can use the supplied app to make video calls, maintain contact, but also, for example, announce joint meetings or check medication intake. With Genus you can reach all people in your neighborhood and approach them personally. Genus also has a medical alarm so that help can be called in quickly.

The Genus frame can be used with:

  • Home care and district nursing
  • Support for elderly people living at home
  • Inpatient care
  • Telecare
  • Remote healthcare

But Genus is also used for:

  • Psychiatric patients, mental health care
  • Elderly with dementia (Alzheimer's)
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Mental disability care


For professional caretakers

Especially if you work with single, frail elderly people, tailor-made care is necessary. Via Genus you gain insight into the daily rhythm and living environment of clients. This way you can remotely monitor the well-being of the client. Does the daily rhythm deviate from normal? Then you will receive a notification via the Genus app. When you receive this notification, you can immediately make a video call with the client or drop by. This way the care remains efficient and personal.

How does Genus work

Tania Knop, Professional caretaker

“With Genus I can have conversations about medication intake remotely. This saves me a lot of time and because clients see me via the video call function, the care remains personal.”

Remote care


Door middel van 1 druk op de hulpknop kan de cliënt direct hulp inschakelen en gaat er geen tijd verloren. De zorgmedewerkers en mantelzorgers krijgen een notificatie en wanneer iemand actie onderneemt, wordt dat voor iedereen gelijk duidelijk. Maar ook als er door middel van de sensoren een afwijking wordt geregistreerd wordt er een alarm afgegeven. Dat geeft een heel veilig en vertrouwd gevoel.



De Genus fotolijst wordt in de woonkamer neergezet en de familie, vrienden, mantelzorgers en zorgverleners hebben via de Genus app verbinding met de fotolijst. Foto’s kunnen op een makkelijke manier worden gedeeld en worden na versturen meteen getoond op de fotolijst. Zo wordt de ontvanger elke keer weer opnieuw verrast met een nieuwe afbeelding op de fotolijst. Maar uiteraard kan de ontvanger ook zelf foto’s versturen en delen. De fotolijst is zeer gebruiksvriendelijk en eenvoudig te bedienen.

Remote care


Wij leveren ook ondersteuning aan zorgverleners bij de implementatie van de Genus Care. Ondersteuning kan zowel telefonisch als op locatie. Wij kunnen u helpen met

  • Project Management
  • Trainingen en Webinars voor kennisverspreiding en draagvlak creatie
  • Ontwerp (zorg)-proces voor organisatie blueprint
  • Ontwerpen van logistieke opzet, beheer en training organisatie

Ondersteuning door partners

Wij werken samen met diverse zorgpartners die kunnen helpen bij de succesvolle implementatie, het beheer en ondersteuning. Ook helpen wij om uw eigen vertrouwde partners op te leiden. Vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden!

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Interesse om reseller te worden? Vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden en voorwaarden. Wij gaan graag met u in gesprek.

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Veelgestelde vragen

How does the Genus photo frame work?

The Genus photo frame is with the elderly and the family, friends, informal carers and caregivers have a connection to the photo frame via the Genus app.

With the Genus app (IOS and Android), family and caregivers can easily make video calls and send photos to the photo frame.

The Genus app has 2 types of users, a partial user such as a grandchild who can share photos and make video calls and a care user such as a healthcare worker or informal carer, who also has insight into the sensor data such as the day/night rhythm.

The Genus photo frame registers a daily rhythm and a deviating pattern can be quickly detected by means of intelligent sensors in the device (light, movement, humidity, temperature, gas, noise level). This gives care employees and informal carers insight into the comfort and well-being of the client.

The Genus photo frame also has a contact button for emergency situations. With the push of a button, the care employees and informal caregiver receive a notification. And when someone takes action, it immediately becomes clear to everyone.

Who uses the Genus photo frame?

For the older:

He has the smart photo frame at home, receives photos and can make video calls. (Informal) care is alerted at the touch of a button.

For the family and friends:

All family and friends can pair for free with the Genus photo frame. Everyone can share photos and make video calls. Everyone is also regularly urged to keep in touch. In this way, Genus brings people closer together.

For healthcare workers and carers

In addition to the photo/video call function, these also receive the alarm and, with the monitor function, have insight into the comfort and well-being of the client.

What do I need to connect the Genus photo frame?

To connect the Genus photo frame you need electricity and a good working internet connection.

What about privacy?

Each phone with the Genus app is linked to a Genus photo frame by means of a unique code. Each connection of a telephone requires approval from the photo frame. The user of the Genus photo frame can decide whether the app user can only share photos and make video calls, or whether it has all functionalities including alarm.

All sensor data is encrypted and sent via a secure connection.

In addition, all data is anonymized. Furthermore, no location or user data is stored by Genus Care BV. Genus Care uses a paid and private video calling service.

What happens to my annual subscription in case of death?

In the event of death, Genus makes an exception and the 1-year or 2-year subscription can be canceled prematurely. In this case, the agreement can be retroactively converted into a monthly agreement whereby the remaining months will be reimbursed with a one-off administration fee of € 20.00 (incl. VAT).

What does Genus consist of?

Genus consists of the Genus photo frame and the Genus app.

Does the person in need of assistance have to press the alarm button on the device or can a personal sensor (pendant) be connected to this system?

The Genus Home Care system currently only has a contact button on the system itself. A personal (pendant) sensor is currently under development and we expect to release this Genus Mobile SOS button during the year. The Genus mobile SOS Button has a 2/3/4G functionality where, with 1 push of a button, an SMS with GPS coordinates is sent to the Genus cloud environment with which the (mantle) care is alerted.

The Genus Mobile SOS button is waterproof and can therefore be worn when showering. Charging is very simple by placing the button in the supplied magnetic charger. An extra button on the charger also triggers an alarm.

Does the Genus Home Care system always have to be connected to the mains?

Yes, the Genus must indeed always remain connected to the mains.

Can multiple phones be linked to the Genus photo frame?

"Can multiple phones be paired with the Genus photo frame"?

This is a question we regularly receive. The answer is: yes definitely!

The Genus photo frame can be connected to an unlimited number of phones. So from family and friends to acquaintances and neighbours. Everyone can connect their phone to the Genus photo frame and call for an unlimited time. This way your parent, grandpa or grandma will never feel alone.

Does Genus always have to be in a certain place because of the built-in sensors?

We recommend always placing the Genus Home Care System in a central place in the home at a good height, such as the dining table. The sensors always measure within a radius of 5 meters all around, even through a wall.

How do I connect a phone to a Genus photo frame?

A telephone is linked to a Genus photo frame via a pairing code. You can find this pairing code by following these steps:

By Genus:

  1. Press the screen of the Genus photo frame
  2. Press Menu
  3. Press connect phone - a pairing code will now appear on the screen

On the phone:

  1. Download the app from the IOS appstore or Playstore (Search for GenusApp - Genus App)
  2. Install the app and give access to camera, microphone and photo library
  3. You will be asked for a pairing code - enter the frame code now

Back to Genus:

  1. The screen says that someone wants to link, there is a choice of Sharing (photo and video calls) and Full access
  2. Make a choice (Sharing means that the user can only share photos and make video calls - the full user also receives contact notifications and can view sensor data

Curious what Genus can do for you?

Genus for professional care

Click here for healthcare professionals

professional Care

genus for caregivers

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