Always connected with Genus

Family and friends can share photos with me and make video calls. But I am much more, I am also alert when it comes to health and safety, I signal irregularities and raise the alarm if necessary. Loneliness is reduced and living independently at home for longer is within reach.

I am Genus. With me, family, friends and care are always close by.

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What am I able to do?

All about Genus in a short video

Photos of special and everyday events can be shared and video calling is very easy. Generations are connected and loneliness is reduced. Every week you get a reminder message to get in touch.

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Genus brings people together

Photos of special and everyday events can be shared and video calling is very easy. Generations are connected and loneliness is reduced. Every week you get a reminder message to get in touch.

More about connection

One touch on the button for straight contact.

By pressing the contact button, the client can immediately call for help and no time is lost. Care workers and informal carers receive a notification and when someone takes action, it is immediately clear to everyone.

Contact Button

Genus care keeps an eye on things

Through smart sensors, the Genus photo frame measures the rhythm of the day. Changes in light, movement, humidity, temperature, gas and noise levels are quickly noticed. If there are any deviations in the daily rhythm, the Genus immediately signals this.

info on connecting
I am Genus
A stronger connection
Contact Button
Smart sensors

The future of elderly care

Genus, much more than a digital photo frame

The Genus photo frame is on my mother's cupboard at home. Genus opens up the digital world to my mother in a simple way.

I and my children send her a photo every day, and video calling makes her feel more involved and less lonely. Thanks to the smart sensors, I know how my mother is doing at any time of the day. With the contact button she can call for help herself.

Genus makes daily care a lot easier and makes both me and my mother feel safe and secure.

Professional and family care

In addition to the photo and video call function, I gain insight into the living environment and daily routine so that I can help when necessary. It is reassuring to know that I can also keep an eye on things from a distance and that my client's welfare always comes first!

More information for healthcare providers

Family and friends

Family and friends can share photos and make video calls for free using the Genus App. You get a reminder to get in touch, which strengthens the mutual bond and combats loneliness. How great it is to be able to make contact at any time!

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