The Genus photo frame is placed in the living room. Family, friends, carers and caregivers can connect to the photo frame via the Genus app. Photos can be shared easily and are immediately displayed on the photo frame after being sent.

This way, the recipient is surprised every time with a new image on the photo frame. But of course, the recipient can also send and share photos themselves. The photo frame is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Video calling with the Genus photo frame

Personal contact? You can also make video calls with the photo frame. This way, you can involve your parent, grandparent or grandma directly in a special moment. Video calling with your parent, grandparent or grandma gives them the feeling of belonging!

Connect with the Genus app

All family and friends can connect to the Genus photo frame for free via the Genus app. Also, everyone is regularly encouraged by notifications from the app to stay in touch. In this way, Genus brings people closer together.

Less loneliness, a closer connection, more peace and trust

Our experience shows that the Genus photo frame contributes to less loneliness, more contact, peace and trust. Genus also contributes to (being able to) live at home longer in a safe and responsible way.


Insight into daily rhythm and living environment

In this way, care workers and family carers can always keep an eye on things. But also children who do not live nearby can use this function to monitor how their parent is doing.

It is a safe and secure thought that if something happens, it does not go unnoticed and help is quickly available.

Peace, trust and well-being

This monitor function brings peace of mind, confidence and a good picture of the well-being of your beloved family member.

The sensors only detect movement and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot take pictures or record sound. However, they do check for movement in certain rooms at certain times.

Just checking to see if your mother got up this morning? See if your father turned on the heating today? Open the Genus app on your phone and you are immediately reassured - without violating their privacy.

Curious about all the possibilities?

We would be happy to tell you more about the extensive possibilities.

Contact us

Contact Button

The monitor function gives care workers and family carers an insight into the well-being and comfort of the client. But more importantly, if something is really wrong, help can be called in quickly with the contact button!

Call for help immediately

By pressing the contact button, the client can immediately call for help and no time is lost.The care workers and family carers receive a notification and when someone takes action, all app users are immediately informed.

Alarm by deviation

But also, if a deviation is registered by the sensors, an alarm is triggered. This gives a very safe and secure feeling.

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