Genus consists of a smart digital photo frame with sensors and the accompanying Genus App. With this App, the family sends photos and everyone can easily video call.

The family carers gain insight into daily rhythm patterns and are notified when the contact button is pressed.

The smart sensors in the photo frame provide information about the conditions in the resident's home, such as the temperature, light level, movement, noise level, humidity and air quality.

Mama papa

But I also provide care and alert those involved in emergency cases. That is why I, as a smart picture frame, am so useful to carers and family carers. Genus makes daily care a lot easier and gives a safe and secure feeling.

Genus is the next step in healthcare and e-health. I am the positive healthcare product that everyone wants to have in their home. User-friendliness is paramount; I am very easy to use and therefore accessible to everyone.

Purchase and subscription

The price of the Genus Care photo frame with smart sensors is € 385,00 including VAT.

What we offer is a high quality and service solution for family carers and the elderly.
In addition to actively connecting people, there is a 24/7 system in the air: Genus constantly monitors and alerts in case of changes.
A subscription is required to use the Genus photo frame. Don't worry, you can cancel your subscription immediately by phone or e-mail.
With this subscription, you can use the corresponding app and connect unlimited phones to the Genus photo frame. The number of minutes of video calls is also unlimited, as is the number of photos you can send.
You already have a subscription from €10.95 per month. The Genus photo frame has a manufacturer's warranty of 2 years.
We use a subscription to guarantee the following services:
  • Unlimited minutes of video calls*
  • Guaranteed privacy, Genus Care only uses paid video calling services
  • Technical support desk for the care workers
  • Product support desk for the family
  • 24/7/365 online Genus System without sharing data with commercial parties
  • Unlimited number of phones can be connected to the Genus photo frame
  • Send unlimited photos to the Genus Photo Frame

* for daily photo frame use.

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Safe and secure, Genus helps

Did you know?

Genus helps with: - Reducing loneliness in the elderly - Reporting emergencies in a timely manner - Providing the RIGHT care efficiently - Increasing contact between family and friends - Increasing SECURITY and TRUST? In addition, it is also easy to use!


Our experience shows that the Genus photo frame contributes to less loneliness, more contact, peace and trust. Genus also contributes to (being able to) live at home longer in a safe and responsible way.


Family members who do not live nearby can use the built-in function to monitor how the user of the Genus photo frame is doing. A safe and secure thought that should something happen, it will not go unnoticed and help can be called in quickly and effectively!

Proper care

By pressing the contact button, the client can immediately call for help and no time is lost. Care workers and family carers receive a notification and when someone takes action, it is immediately clear to everyone.

Did you know?
Proper care


How does the Genus photo frame work?

The Genus photo frame is placed in the home of the elderly person and the family, friends, carers and caregivers can connect to the photo frame via the Genus app.

With the Genus app (IOS and Android) family and caregivers can easily make video calls and send photos to the photo frame.

The Genus app has two types of users, a share user such as a grandchild who can share photos and make video calls, and a care user such as a care employee or volunteer, who also has insight into sensor data such as day/night rhythms.

The Genus photo frame registers daily rhythms and an abnormal pattern can be quickly detected by intelligent sensors in the device (light, movement, humidity, temperature, gas, noise level). This gives care workers and family carers an insight into the comfort and well-being of the client.

The Genus photo frame also has a contact button for emergency situations. With a push of the button, care workers and family carers receive a notification. And when someone takes action, it is immediately clear to everyone.

Who uses the Genus photo frame?

For the elderly:

The elderly person has the smart picture frame at home, receives pictures and can make video calls. With one push of a button, (informal) care is alerted.

For family and friends:

All family and friends can connect to the Genus photo frame free of charge. Everyone can share photos and make video calls. Everyone is also regularly encouraged to stay in touch. In this way, Genus brings people closer together.

For care workers and informal carers:

In addition to the photo/video call function, they also receive the alarm and have insight into the comfort and well-being of the client through the monitor function.

What do I need to connect the Genus photo frame?

To connect the Genus photo frame you need electricity and a working internet connection.

What about privacy?

Every phone with the Genus app is linked to a Genus photo frame with a unique code. Each connection of a phone requires an approval of the photo frame. The user of the Genus photo frame can decide whether the app user can only share photos and make video calls, or whether it has all functionalities including alarms.

All sensor data is encrypted and sent through a secure connection.

In addition, all data is anonymised. Furthermore, no location or user data are stored by Genus Care BV. Genus Care uses a paid and private video calling service.

Can several phones be connected to the Genus photo frame?

"Can several phones be connected to the Genus photo frame"?

This is a question that we regularly receive. The answer is: yes!

The Genus photo frame can be linked to an unlimited number of phones. So from family and friends to acquaintances and neighbours. Everyone can connect their phone to the Genus photo frame and make calls for an unlimited time. So your parent, grandparent or grandma never feels alone.

What does Genus consist of?

Genus consists of the Genus photo frame and the Genus app.

How do I connect a phone to a Genus photo frame?

A phone is linked to a Genus photo frame via a pairing code. This pairing code can be found by following the steps below:

On Genus:

  1. Press on the screen of the Genus photo frame
  2. Press Menu
  3. Drop on Phone pairing - a pairing code appears on the screen

On the phone:

  1. Download the app from the IOS appstore or Playstore (search for GenusApp - Genus App)
  2. Install the app and access camera, microphone and photo library
  3. You will be asked for a pairing code - enter the code for the photo frame now

Back to Genus:

  1. The screen shows that someone wants to connect, there is a choice between Sharing (photo and video call) and Full access
  2. Make a choice (Sharing means the user can only share photos and make video calls - the full user also gets the contact notifications and can view sensor data).
What happens to my annual subscription in the case of passing away?

In case of passing away, Genus makes an exception and the 1-year or 2-year subscription can be terminated prematurely. In this case the agreement can be converted into a monthly agreement with retroactive effect and the remaining months will be refunded with a one-time administration fee of € 20.00 (incl. VAT).

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